Instagram memories of 2012 and PF 2013

By Lucy L. - December 31, 2012

Thank you year 2012 for some of the best memories and I hope that the new 2013 will be much  better and happier than this year.
Do you have many New Years resolutions??? Me to tell you the truth sooo many .
  • Get in shape and finally loose weight, my goal is 65 kg so ....
  • Hopefully get back to work in fashion as previously and maybe move to a different city 
  • Move out to my apartement and live with my BF
  • WORK on my blog growth and reach as many followers as possible.

Spring 2012 - lots of work and having a great time on weekends in the cottage with my man

Summer 2012 - my best memory was a trip to South of France in particular Cannes, Nice
I did a lot of nice shopping - silver heels from Moschino were one of my best choices
Happy time and great sun tan, I love summer :)  

Fall 2012 - More fashion digging, halloween pumpkin carvings, styling , "new in" was MMM at H&M wedges and other stuff, I reached 100 followers - happy time. Thanks so much.

Winter 2012 - Christmas time fever, shopping for presents, lovely weekend in Budapest with my BF, packing presents and baking christmas cookies, attending some balls and just enjoying this time of the year with my family.

I wish you all wonderfull New Year 2013 
PF 2013

Lucy Fashionvisions

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2 lovely comments

  1. aj tebe Lucy vsetko naj v Novom Roku, nech sa ti splnia zelania, a velmi pekny post si spravila o prehlade roku 2012 :)

  2. I have many plans and resolutions for 2013. I am very excited for this year. Happy New year.