Christmas wishlist

By Lucy L. - December 11, 2014

Christmas wishlist

Holidays are coming and today I want to present my wishlist:
Keďže sa blížia Vianoce, tak vám rada predstavím môj wishlist:

1. Ryan Storer pearl cuff set
2.  Whistles Fedora gray hat
3. Christian Dior black eyeliner
4. Porcelain light in shape of pineapple
5. Chanel book
6. Garance Doré fashion illustration
7. Swarovski double bouquet ring
Honestly I´m expecting to receive Swarovski bouquet ring, I will manage the rest of this, so what :) 
Reálne to vidím tak na Swarovski bouquet ring Hah :) a to ostatné si dokúpim asi sama :)

And what about you and christmas gifts???
A čo vy a darčeky???

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