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By Lucy L. - June 11, 2014

If I should come up with a clearly defined wishlist stating my current cravings, I would need a whole book of pages to fill up and the list of items would be endless. Let's make it short and clear. I am versatile person when it comes to fashion and can change as chameleon changes colors. My current picks are following:
1 . Something Sporty, Chic and Technological at the same time:
 - aviator reflex shades from Victoria Beckham (old model but still IN), still can' t pick the right mirror color but I guess green could be a perfect match
- just spotted these amazing sneakers from Adidas - Adidas Original ZX 100
- this  Mini Canon legria camera would be my travel pal for sure
2.Something Romantic for summer
- Flowers and coins all by Dolce&Gabbana or similar - Flower headbands, Coin pendant earings and flower chiffon dresses , pliiiiz I want it all
What are your current cravings ?

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3 lovely comments

  1. Very interesting job. Well done.

  2. tiež si planujem kupiť niečo s čím by som mohla točiť videá :) inak pekny vyber