Gucci 1973 collection vintage bag

By Lucy L. - September 26, 2010

Today before I will bring you all all the materials from fashion shows in Milan I want to share with you my big passion for vintage bags.There has been so many thing written about them but above all of this I find them very unique.What impresses me the most is the way how most of the designers such as Fendi, Prada and Gucci want to interpret the new modern vision of a vintage bag. I have picked the Gucci 1973 beige suede one handle bag which hopefully soon will be a part of my closet. I love the buckle as well, honestly it has the old shape form from the 30ties, what do you think about this bag? Isn' t it fabulous?

Este predtym ako Vam prinesiem novinky zo sveta modnych prehliadok  v Milane by som Vam rada priblizila moju vasen pre kabelky vintage.Urcite sa o nich uz popisalo vela ,ale pre mna su stale velmi originalne a jedinecne.Velmi prijemne ma prekvapilo ako modni tvorcovia napr. Prada, Fendi , alebo Gucci zvladli tuto myslienku vintage a previedli do jej modernej podoby.Vyberam pre Vas kabelku z kolekcie Gucci 1973 bezovu, smisovu kabelku na jednu rucku a dufam, ze ju budem coskoro vlastnit.Milujem na nej aj logo, ktore intrepretuje stare logo Gucci z 30tych rokov.

Tak co paci sa Vam?Nie je nadherna?

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