Sunday, 26 September 2010

Gucci 1973 collection vintage bag

Today before I will bring you all all the materials from fashion shows in Milan I want to share with you my big passion for vintage bags.There has been so many thing written about them but above all of this I find them very unique.What impresses me the most is the way how most of the designers such as Fendi, Prada and Gucci want to interpret the new modern vision of a vintage bag. I have picked the Gucci 1973 beige suede one handle bag which hopefully soon will be a part of my closet. I love the buckle as well, honestly it has the old shape form from the 30ties, what do you think about this bag? Isn' t it fabulous?

Este predtym ako Vam prinesiem novinky zo sveta modnych prehliadok  v Milane by som Vam rada priblizila moju vasen pre kabelky vintage.Urcite sa o nich uz popisalo vela ,ale pre mna su stale velmi originalne a jedinecne.Velmi prijemne ma prekvapilo ako modni tvorcovia napr. Prada, Fendi , alebo Gucci zvladli tuto myslienku vintage a previedli do jej modernej podoby.Vyberam pre Vas kabelku z kolekcie Gucci 1973 bezovu, smisovu kabelku na jednu rucku a dufam, ze ju budem coskoro vlastnit.Milujem na nej aj logo, ktore intrepretuje stare logo Gucci z 30tych rokov.

Tak co paci sa Vam?Nie je nadherna?

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fashion week introduction day one...22.09.2010

I am collecting a lot of nice material to present you as far as the fashion week in Milan is going.Let me just tell you few thing.Yesterday it was a great day for me,I got to see two fashion shows, one GUCCI and the second one ALBERTA FERRETTI.In the morning I was assisting in the backstage of NUDE(New upcoming designers) project of young talented italian designers, which I am a big fan of.I saw some very nice movement going on. I will publish more material and especially pictures later on.

Pripravujem si pre Vas vela materialu, co sa tyka fashion week v milane.Mate sa na co tesit.Vcera som mala moznost zucastnit sa modnej prehliadky GUCCI a ALBERTA FERRETTI.Obidve nadherne show.Rano som zase bola pracovne nasadena v zakulisi projektu NUDE, co v preklade znamena novi alebo zacinajuci navrhari z Talianska, ktorym ja velmi fandim.Viac materialov Vam prinesiem neskor a hlavne toho obrazoveho.

Monday, 20 September 2010

The rock n´roll ancle boots...

If you love Rock´n Roll then you´re definitelly gonna love these leather Alexander McQueen ancle boots...
They rock...
Ak milujete Rock n´roll tak určite si zamilujete tieto kozačky od Alexander McQueen.Sú úplná pecka. Čo Vám pripomínaju?

Friday, 17 September 2010

Winter inspirations

Winter inspirations

Especially for you some of my winter picks....
Winter inspirations by lulila78 featuring wire sunglasses

New fashion vision of a Lollipop ...

Hello my Dears.

I had a nice dream last night, sweet very sweet lollipop dream.Do you remember the times when we used to lick our favourite Chupa Chups.Let me tell you something.Now that we got sooo terribly materialistic and some of us sooo fashion victims would you like to try one of theeese fashion lollipops????
Which one would you prefer today? Chanel, Gucci?
Let me know
And don´t forget today it´s friday so enjoy a beautiful week-end.
Friday I´m in love.....


Ahojte moji drahí momentálni a budúci čitatelia.

Minulú noc som mala strašne sladký priam sladučký sen, môžem ho nazvať lízatkový sen.Pamätáte sa ešte na časy a to verím , že áno, keď sme lízali naše obľúbené Chupa Chups.A poviem Vám niečo.
Teraz, čo sa z nás stali úplní materialisti a niektorí takí Fashion victims by som Vám rada ponúkla tieto fashion lízatká.
Ktoré by ste si dali? Chanel alebo Gucci?
A nezabudnite , dnes je piatok, tak si užite krásny week- end.
Friday I´m in love


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Janelle Monae, e new fashion icon with a great talent...

To tell you the truth , I discovered this lady browsing youtube today and I must say that her style amased me at the first point, I looked at her singing in her video and I thought woooow, how come she is not popular yet.Oh yes we need style, we need good music and we definitelly need great talents.I hope and definitelly think Janelle is the class, talent, fashion sense.She has got it all...

XOXO    Lucy

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Liquid military...

Les Khakis de Chanel are the new limited edition nail polishes, which have been launched for VOGUES Fashion Night Out.They´re an absolut must haves for this season but you have to be very fast because they come only in some specialized stores CHANEL.Philip Tracey was inspired by a military mood and gave all three of them nice names:

247 - Khaki vert - Military green
257- Khaki rose - Brown with a romantic pink shades
267 - Khaki Brun - Muddy brown

Dont´you just love them ???



Friday, 10 September 2010

Want an Avedon ???

WHERE : Museum of Fine Arts in BOSTON  August 10, 2010 - January 17,2011

Who is the woman in Avedon´s eyes?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

"Clean living under difficult circumbstances"

I want to present you Swedish WHYRED fashion brand and it´s limited edition of sunglasses collection made of confetti plastic from the  70´s.The material was found in Spain and each piece is unique with a number.My swedish friend Martina was wearing them and I decided to put them on my blog, soooo in love with them ...

Kate Rocks...

Wow, give it up for Kate Moss in her editorial for british Vogue, september 2010 issue, she rocks the casbah and flirts with a sexy elegance. 

Monday, 6 September 2010

Lurex mania...



Picking up the ideas I feel like going back to seventies, where all the glam was soo shiny and disco. Lurex is again here in all his forms and shapes. 
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Sunday, 5 September 2010

D + G = 25

Enjoy this beautiful fashion show with  Annie Lenox , sexy men a a lot of good Dolce and Gabbanas well tailored suits, skinny ties, capri pants, skinny pants and great denim washes, and again my favourite piece a white shirt. All this  at 25th anniversary of DG

Elegantly wasted...

When I first saw the Lanvin´s leather sneakersI thought, I finally found something that could easily represent my own personal style.I want to share this very inspiration with you.

Mixing a high fashion and sporty elegance...

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